4 Ways Employee Performance Software Rewards Employees and Employers

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Employee performance software is usually evaluated on its ability to help managers and supervisors perform evaluations. But, if you don’t see how employee performance software can be used to do more than compensate employees you are missing a large part of the picture. The right employee performance software can help attract and retain employees, support customer satisfaction, enhance communication and help you grow your service business. It’s a tool that rewards both employees and companies. Here’s how.

Compensation Equals Contribution

In a true free market system, compensation equals contribution. While the currently regulated U.S. labor market isn’t exactly what Adam Smith had in mind, his idea of an Invisible Hand still applies. When you establish a pay for performance culture in your company, you will attract and retain high performing employees. Top performers want to be compensated more than lesser performers and respond positively to this environment. The right employee performance software will support fair and objective evaluations based on predetermined criteria. When you reward performance based on achievement of goals, you get better performance. Achievers are happy to be rewarded fairly and non-achievers are not attracted to employment at the company. The employer benefits from improved performance, the employee is fairly rewarded for their contribution.

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Improves Focus on Customer

In the service industry, customer satisfaction is critical to continued growth of the company. As a key performance indicator (KPI), it needs to be incorporated into employee performance evaluations and must be captured by your employee performance software. When employees are evaluated based on how a customer perceives their service, it continually aligns the employee’s focus with the company’s customer-centric philosophy.
This contributes to a better experience for the customer, which leads to repeat business and referral business. Both the employee and employer are rewarded.

Growth, Improvement, and Motivation

One of the greatest motivating forces is a desire for change. In a pay for performance culture, if compensation equals contribution, employees know that to receive more compensation (the change) they must contribute at higher levels (the motivation). Employee performance software can be used to capture current performance standards and show areas for improvement. Growing employees means challenging them. As employees rise, performance rises and compensation rises. As this happens, customers are served more effectively and efficiently, customer satisfaction increases and the company reaps the benefits.

Improved Communication

If customer satisfaction is a KPI, then employees should always know how they are performing. The software to perform evaluate employee performance and the software used to manage customer relationships should ideally be one package. If stand-alone systems are used, they should be integrated. When it comes time for the employee evaluation there should be no surprises. As customer satisfaction is be continually evaluated, employees are continually evaluated. Giving employees access to customer satisfaction data lets them know how they are performing in the eyes of the most important person, the customer. It’s important for positive and not-so-positive feedback to be shared. Positive feedback reinforces good performance and not-so-positive feedback communicates room for improvement and creates motivation.

Picking the Right Software

There are many employee performance software packages on the market. Just a few are appropriate for the service industry. Only one incorporates continuous customer feedback as an indicator of employee performance.

Quality Driven Software combines customer satisfaction, quality control and employee performance all in one powerful app. Use it to decrease client and employee turnover. One clean dashboard lets you see at a glance what customers are saying about their service and track employee performance. With automated workflows, employees can also see how they perform from the customer’s point of view. It integrates with other service-industry software such as Service Autopilot and Maid Easy Software to provide a total solution.

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