Curt Kempton

Curt Kempton is the Founder and CEO of Symphosize, llc where he has developed a service quoting software known as ResponsiBid and provides consulting to service businesses. In this role, Curt manages the creative, development, sales, and support teams. Curt is laser focused on staying true to the company mission of “restoring order and enthusiasm to the blue collar worker”.

Curt is a big believer in elegant simplicity through systems, and spends his days helping others to achieve big goals by architecting the systems that best fit their business DNA.
Prior to starting his software & consulting business, he graduated in 2005 from ASU’s business school as the “outstanding graduating student of his class” while simultaneously managing a bike shop for 5 years paying his own way in order to graduate debt free— working directly with customers and fitting them to custom bicycles. Upon graduation he realized that retail was not the way he wanted to spend his life— so he spent 8 years growing his own window cleaning and pressure washing business from the ground up. While building this business, he found that he was a fanatic about systems and attributes all of his success to creatively finding ways to work his solutions to each problem he encountered into what e-myth would refer to as “his franchise prototype”.

As Curt quickly realized that he wasn’t great at sales, he set to work building a specific sales system that would later become a software used within his service company. This software was the single most powerful system in the company— transforming his website and technicians into a powerful sales force, and has since become the groundwork that ResponsiBid is built upon. He sold his service company in 2014 and has passionately been working full-time at Symphosize ever since.

Curt now helps service companies fine tune their quoting process from being a shot in the dark to helping them close more job opportunities at higher average prices— with less effort. His experiences of being a business owner in the service industry have made him an expert in solving real problems with real solutions; his creativity is what makes his solutions more fun to implement to get more consistently powerful results.
You can contact Curt at or through the website.