Maria Dorian

Maria Dorian is the co-founder of Quality Driven Software. She started the software with Martha Woodward and used it to help scale her own company, a maid service in Austin, Texas. In 2017, Maria decided to put her 750K yearly revenue cleaning company for sale. After it sold, Maria has been enjoying working with Quality Driven. Her role in the company includes running support, doing all the behind the scenes work, customer service, and sales.

After the sale of the business, Maria was faced with an unexpected, and rather, large tax bill. Around the same time, she had also been desperately missing the cleaning industry. She decided to do what she does best: Grow a cleaning company! While starting another service wasn’t an option for her, she realized she could take her experience, strengths, and talents and help other cleaning companies grow their business by becoming a virtual assistant. Maria now runs TaskAway VA.