Meaghan Likes

Meaghan Likes is a unique accountant – she is equals parts business owner, bookkeeper, CPA, and entrepreneur. Before Meaghan was a CPA, she and her husband Jeff, owned a window washing business, Jeff Likes Clean Windows. And Meaghan’s work as both a cleaning business small business owner and CPA over the years has been greatly influenced by her own experiences as a small business owner.

In 2017, Meaghan left her accounting firm of 10 years to open her own payroll, tax and bookkeeping firm catering to service-based small businesses. Meaghan strongly believes that small business owners can and should understand their finances, and that belief has informed every aspect of the work she does.

After years of teaching clients how to setup, manage, and correct their books one-on-one, Meaghan created Bookkeeping Academy Online, a self-paced online learning portal, that teaches business owners across the country how to do their own bookkeeping. Meaghan’s work, both professionally and personally is guided by her commitment to helping others- and she looks forward to continuing her legacy of creating new & innovative tools to help entrepreneurs like herself grow and succeed.