Brian Stearman

After over 15 years in the lawn and landscape industry, Brian founded Lawn Care Marketing Mechanic to help lawn and landscape contractors grow their businesses strategically by leveraging the internet.

After years in the industry I understand what it is like to deal with most digital marketing companies and to be held ransom by poor service, expensive upfront costs, no support or changes to the website without additional fees, and a relationship that ceased to exist the minute my website went live. I literally couldn’t get a phone call or emailed answered from these so called marketing experts!

I finally had enough. I was OVER it and I wanted to be the change for lawn and landscape business owners like myself that felt like a $5000 or $10,000 website design or re-design seemed unreasonable not to mention the expensive fees for changes and maintenance. I decide to challenge the industry “norm” to the core and do everything different, like providing exceptional customer service, fast response times, all at an affordable price.

That is when Lawn Care Marketing Mechanic was born!

Now me and my trusted web geeks (I mean mechanics) and I develop digital marketing solutions for the lawn care industry. We design easy to use websites engineered for converting visitors in to customers that are amazingly affordable and profitable for you. If you are tired of working with companies and “experts” that don’t understand your business or don’t provide prompt helpful support, contact us to experience first hand how we are different.