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Here’s the simple process we use daily for sending and resending surveys. We send a lot of surveys for different companies, so we need a quick and easy way to send and resend. Improve your response rate with this quick and easy technique. Interested in having your surveys sent for you?  Email for… Read More >

Wouldn’t you do just about anything to guarantee your customers satisfaction with your services? A customer is such an important person in your business life. In fact, a customer is a reason why you are in business in the first place. Several businesses are mushrooming daily; business competition is tightening as a result. To survive,… Read More >

Lawn Care Service Client Management Software Do you own a lawn care service and are looking for software solutions? There are many on the market. We’ve weeded the field and thinned the list to the three we think make the cut. Here’s what we found: Jobber Jobber is a business management app designed for lawn care… Read More >