Make Sense of Your Customer Data With Our Customer Analytics Dashboard

How do you eliminate the guesswork of customer satisfaction? By utilizing a rich customer analytics dashboard that delivers intelligent metrics and insightful reporting on client feedback. Discover more:
  • Step 1

    Response Rate

    Our response rate indicator measures the level of client engagement. We found that clients that are engaged, thus answering their service, tend to stay with your company longer.

  • Step 2

    Latest Responses

    Get your latest survey responses in real time on our intuitive customer analytics dashboard!

  • Step 3

    Client Watch List

    These are the clients that rated their service as unsatisfactory. This report allows you to know which clients you may be in danger of losing based on their satisfaction scores. By having this list, you will know exactly where to focus your service
    recovery efforts.

  • Item Preview Realtime Survey Results
    • Product 1

    Realtime Survey Results

    Page is automatically refreshed every few seconds so that all customer feedback appears quickly and instantaneously.

    Failing scores when service is unsatisfactory can be emailed to any email of your choosing.

  • Item Preview Performance Alerts
    • Product 1

    Performance Alerts

    Know where all staff members stand with their quality scores at all times. Our customer analytics dashboard even have a cool feature that ranks employees by their performance so that you know who your top and bottom performers are.

    And, because employees can log into the system to see their scores, they always know how they are doing and won't be surprised when you have to pull them aside to talk about performance issues.

  • Item Preview Employee Scorecards
    • Product 1

    Employee Scorecards

    Print out and give to employees, for evaluation purposes or for documentation purposes such as fighting an unemployment claim.

  • Item Preview Custom Image Library

    • Product 1

    Custom Image Library

    Choose from cute, silly icons, holiday themes, numbers, or stars.

  • Item Preview Track Customer Comments
    • Product 1

    Track Customer Comments

    Comments, which staff performed the work, score, and comments are all included.

    Employees can have their own user names to access these files without accessing sensitive client informatin.

  • Item Preview Client Watch Lists
    • Product 1

    Client Watch Lists

    Wouldn't it be great to know who is on the cuff of firing your service before a scheduled job? That's exactly how the client watch list works!

  • Item Preview Social Media Reviews
    • Product 1

    Social Media Reviews

    With one click of a button, post all postive reviews on your website. Great for SEO purposes!

  • Item Preview Custom Reporting
    • Product 1

    Custom Reporting

    Filter by type of job, service area, staff members, and much, much more!