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Customer Feedback: 7 Effective Ways to use results for growth

Once you have customer feedback results, knowing how to use the information is imperative for improving your company.

Here are our top 7 wildly effective, and  yet easy to implement, strategies for using your customer’s feedback results for growing your company.

1.  Change Systems and Processes

Okay, this seems obvious, but do you really do anything with your customer feedback results?  Your customers are telling you what you need to improve on, so take the feedback, and like Nike says….just do it!  We suggest that you make it your life’s mission to never repeat a mistake. Immediately change policies, systems, and processes so that mistakes don’t ever happen again.

2. Create a “Wall of Fame”

In today’s society, it seems we only hear the negative.  With regular use of a survey software, you’ll perhaps hear some negative feedback (that’s not to be feared!), but you’ll also hear kudos.  Take positive feedback and post it for all to see. It’s time to celebrate a job well done! Employees love recognition for their hard work. Therefore, add their picture and a personal note of thanks from you, the owner of the company.

3.  Share your Success

There are tons of places you can share your acclaims:  social media, your website, as an email sales funnel, and in your own office.  Use your positive feedback as testimonials.  No need to keep the glowing comments all to yourself!

4.  Develop reward programs 

Figure out what motivates your staff (hint: It’s not always money!) and use those coveted rewards to develop a benefit program based on quality scores.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

5. Watch for Trends

Your clients are giving you feedback, so use it to your advantage!  You’ll see trends with your clients, your employees, and even company-wide.  These trends will paint a picture as to what is truly happening quality wise in your company.  Are complaint issues isolated to the client, to the employee, or if do have a company-wide weakness? Trends will answer these questions and then some.

6. Reward Your Best Clients

Especially important is that customer feedback is money in your pocket, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly. Thank your clients for their time!  Choose which works best for you: A thanks for frequently answer quality surveys or for feedback that you found honest and useful.  They aren’t expecting it and it will have them telling everyone about your company.

7. Ask for Reviews

In conclusion, due to asking for honest feedback from your clients, you know who loves you and who doesn’t, right?  Ask those clients who are “wowed” by your company to write you an online review.  Make it easy for them.  Give them the links to your favorite social sites. Thank them and reward them. Customer’s honest online review in turn, puts more money in your pocket. Why wouldn’t you ask them to share their experience?!

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