Why We Work

Did you check out that AWESOME video? We know, it’s super cool and informative. If you’re still on the fence about trying our 14 Day Free Trial, take a look at our specs. 

Disclaimer: We have mad skills. 

Real-Time Survey Deliverer

Keeping you in the loop, your survey hub refreshes every few seconds to ensure that customer feedback is received promptly. When the inevitable occurs and you receive less than favorable feedback, we will email the subpar score, and any other negative reviews, to the email account(s) of your choosing, helping you maintain your responsiveness.

Employee Scorecard Developer

Documentation is a business owner’s BFF. Our performance overviews are perfect for recording progress, referencing information during evaluations, and tracking employee turnover. When an employee excels, you’ll have reports timestamping their progress; and conversely, when an employee doesn’t deliver you’ll have a paper trail to back up your claims.

Customer Comments Tracker

All reviews give customers the opportunity to express their sentiments, indicate which employee performed the task, and provide an overall satisfaction score. Employees can access this information without viewing sensitive client information- keeping everyone informed and protected.

Performance Monitor

Tired of lurking in the shadows, trying to   inconspicuously shape an opinion of your employee’s performance? So were we! That’s why we developed a system that scores employee performance based on honest feedback from their clients. Bonus! That same software allows you to rank employees according to their overall scores, offering you much more insight on how everyone is performing. And being that we’re all about transparency, we incorporated an employee log-in feature, so that they can celebrate their stellar reviews and improve upon their mistakes.

Social Media Review Updater

Push all positive reviews to your various social media channels with the simple click of a button. This is the easiest way to improve SEO  and #organictraffic.

Customizable Icon

With all the amazing functions this program offers, it’s still important that the aesthetics are reflective of your brand identity. Plus, who doesn’t like holiday themed stars?

Customer Satisfaction Watch-List

Unique in it’s nature, this watch list displays clients that you may potentially lose so that you can act preemptively! By allocating the accounts of those who have indicated that they are unsatisfied or cancelled service appointments to the watch list, we offer you the opportunity to rectify their issues and retain their business before it’s too late!

Custom Data Provider

Filter by type of job, service  area, staff members, and much, much more!

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