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As a restaurant owner, you have a ton of responsibilities to juggle each day. Keeping your customers happy and coming back for more may be one of them, but look deeper and you’ll realize it’s more than that. On a typical day, you need to keep your employees motivated and maintain maximum productivity levels. Believe it or not, technology can help make this task easier and keep your employees happier.

If you want your restaurant to run efficiently, you need to employ some modern tech tools to help you along. Running an independent restaurant means you probably don’t have the luxury to spend extra on a dedicated maître d’. With that in mind, we’re going to reveal three essential software for 2017 that will help independent restaurant owners like you run a more efficient business. Let’s dive in!

1. Quality Driven Software
In a service-based industry, all business owners need to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Optimizing your customer retention rate is crucial for ensuring that these individuals re-visit your restaurant again.
Restaurant customer service software can help you maintain maximum customer satisfaction. What you want is for satisfied customers to spread positive reviews about your business, whether by word of mouth or through social media.
Quality Driven Software is a tool for tracking customer satisfaction and employee performance for service-based businesses such as restaurants. If you wish to increase your customer retention rate, Quality Driven Software delivers.
This tool gives independent restaurant owners the ability to identify problems within their workforce and understand their customers and any possible pain points.

Features of Quality Driven Software
Quality Driven Software is a versatile restaurant customer service software that gives owners and managers complete control over their customers’ satisfaction levels.

It can send out customer satisfaction surveys to all previous visitors. In return, the data collected from your customers can help you identify potential flaws within your workflow. Going forward, you can fix these problems to ensure that they are never repeated again.

The customer satisfaction survey feature can also collect information about your staff. For example, customers can easily add feedback or make complaints regarding certain employees through the survey. This will help you identify staff who are having difficulties coping at work. A follow-up action might include assigning more training or counseling to the affected staff.
You can also use Quality Driven Software to quickly spot quality issues in your restaurant. These problems can be reported directly by your customers as well as your own quality inspector – if you happen to have one.

The software also provides you with instant notifications. As soon as you receive a low score or negative feedback, you’ll know about it in real time. This gives you ample time to directly contact the customer and address their complaint. In return, this could potentially help you to avoid losing a customer due to a single mistake.

We’re very impressed with the number of features in Quality Driven Software. If you need one tool to keep track of your customers’ satisfaction levels and employee performance, then QDS is a necessity!

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2. Menu Drive

There are many excellent apps that can be beneficial for restaurant owners. Menu Drive is undeniably a powerful and comprehensive solution. This program makes it possible for restaurant owners to accept online orders, set up a loyalty program and keep track of their data analytics. Once you’ve gained access to Menu Drive, you can immediately integrate the software with your existing website. This is done by adding the appropriate “Order Online” buttons to your site. The result is a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

Features of Menu Drive
Menu Drive is truly a one-stop solution for independent restaurants owners who want their customers to place their orders online.
The software comes with a menu builder that gives you complete control over your online menu. You can add high definition pictures of your menu items and set pricing options for each item. Through the control panel, you can also set up a credit card gateway and configure the payment options. This ensures customers are able to easily pay for their online orders.

Menu Drive is also useful for restaurants that provide a delivery service. You can create custom delivery zones so customers will know immediately if your restaurant’s delivery drivers serve their area. This software is compatible with several order types such as dine-in, curbside and pickup.

Menu Drive also provides you with in-depth analytics. By analyzing your customers’ buying habits and sales trends, you will have a much better opportunity to cater to your customers’ price needs and adjust accordingly. If your restaurant provides an online delivery service, then Menu Drive will prove to be a great addition to your business.

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3. Restaurant 365

As a restaurant owner, it is important to keep a close eye on your finances and keep track of your daily expense and revenue. This is where Restaurant 365 comes in. This restaurant customer service software helps you keep track of your finances effortlessly, and lets you pay your vendors directly through ACH. For example, you can print 1099 forms and send them directly to a vendor.
Features of Restaurant 365

Restaurant 365 is an in-depth financial application for restaurant managers and owners. It offers a wealth of features to help you keep track of your money in a convenient and safe manner.

This software makes it possible to set up customized invoices with your restaurant’s logo. The invoices can then be delivered to vendors which help them become more familiar with your brand.

Restaurant 365 is also compatible with a wide array of point-of-sale programs. By syncing the two systems, you can automate the collection of key financial POS details. In fact, Restaurant 365 automatically syncs item categories, payment types and payment total directly from your POS software. Gone are the days of punching this information in manually at the end of each business day.
The software also allows restaurant owners to keep track of their inventory, sales, and labor. If you want to avoid the headache of compiling and inputting this information on your own, Restaurant 365 will prove to be very useful. It will save you money and time, and let you concentrate on the more important matters of running a restaurant.

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Final Thoughts
For a restaurant owner in the digital age, it’s all about leveraging technology to help make the business process easier. If you run a service that provides online orders and deliveries than Menu Drive can enhance your website’s functionality. If you need to keep track of customer and employee satisfaction, then Quality Driven Software will help you do just that. Not only will you remove a great burden from your shoulders, you can now focus more intently on delivering great service to your customers. We would love to be a part of your company’s success story.  Click Here to get started!