July Release Notes

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Response rate – QDS has changed how it calculates response rates. Going forward, only sent/received email surveys will be counted. QAs and phone surveys will not count towards the response rate. Those clients that you have marked to receiving no surveys, or a lower frequency than all, will not count against your response rate any longer. In the past you had to delete those surveys, even though they were not sent, or they would decrease your response rate.

Employee View All User Role – We’ve added a second option for your employees. You can have one employee log in that allows employees to view all the Dashboard data and all the Report data, However, they cannot view client data, edit any surveys, or access settings.

Failing Score Alert – Email failing score notifications will now also include the employees who are associated with the failing score.

No-Reply return email address – In the past if a client replied to a survey, the response would go nowhere because it was a no reply email address. We’ve added the ability to include a reply to address in your survey template. The survey the client receives still says “no reply.” at the top of the survey. However, if they reply, it will go to the email address that you supplied as the “reply to” address on the survey template.

Bug fixes – Misc. bug fixes were done, including fixing the time zone issue.