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How to keep customers loyal

Easy Implementable Strategies for Keeping Customers Loyal for Life [Infographic]

How easy is it to implementable strategies that keep customers loyal? Can it really make a difference to maximizing profits  Well, think about this: What is the lifetime value of a customer in your business?  What if you could boost that by 10 percent, 50 percent, or even double it?

Loyal customers are gold to your bottom line and the cost of customer retention is far less than the cost of customer acquisition.  Therefore, the question becomes: How do you create a loyal customer?

Begin at the beginning: 

First, let me say that this goal has to be ingrained in your company culture; it’s not a one-time effort. Notably, it’s a way of doing business that includes your hiring, training, leading, systems, communication, and processes.  When something happens in your organization, always ask: “Is this a person problem, or a system problem”.  From there, decide your course of action.  If it’s a system issue, change your broken systems and processes.

Show them you care: 

Did you know that 68% of customers will leave a business because of perceived indifference? Indeed, indifference is a top repeat business killer.

However,  there are little (and easily implementable) things that you can do to show you care. For example:

1.  Send them a note of thanks. It’s simple, fast, and cost less than a few bucks.

2.  Don’t take them for granted.  With this in mind, having good practices such as answering their calls will go a long way.  When sticky situations arise, it’s important to pick up the phone and have a conversation as opposed to texting or emailing them.

3.  High maintenance or problem client?  Under those circumstances, be kind, patient, and don’t lose your cool. Most importantly, do not take their words as a personal attack. When needed, let them vent (get all the emotion out) and solve their issue first, above yours.  As a result, you will have that client for years to come.

4.  Follow through on your word.

Get Feedback:

Feedback finds flaws in any organization. Yet, companies are scared of the truth, so, therefore, don’t survey. How else would you know what is working and what isn’t?  In fact, how would you know what not to change because customers are over the moon thrilled, without gathering feedback?

Keep in Touch:

Trying to accomplish any of the above points is virtually impossible without establishing regular clear communication between your management and your customers. Without a survey system, trying to understand your customers’ needs and desires is like trying to find your way through a pitch-dark maze without a flashlight.

With a system like Quality Driven Software, you can fulfill all six points listed above necessary for customer loyalty (and several others that will help your company in a variety of areas.)

When you establish a regular survey routine, your customers know that you want to understand how well you are meeting their needs and expectations. Slogans are fine and they should capture what your company is all about, but today’s consumers want tangible evidence that you are committed to excellence.

Of course, if you aren’t keeping in touch with your customers, they will eventually sense this and begin to feel that you are taking them for granted. That’s why there is no substitute for a systematic and regular survey system when you want to build customer loyalty.

Review all the requirements outlined on the infographic and see how a good survey system, like Quality Driven Software, helps you fulfill them. In conclusion,follow these easily implementable steps and watch your loyal customers increase in number!

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