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Lawn Care Service Client Management Software

lawn_laptopDo you own a lawn care service and are looking for software solutions? There are many on the market. We’ve weeded the field and thinned the list to the three we think make the cut.

Here’s what we found:


Jobber is a business management app designed for lawn care companies.  It handles quoting, scheduling, invoicing, payment and client history functions.  It will not replace your accounting software or your client management software.  It will help you keep track of your crews and your jobs. That alone warrants a closer look.
Robust scheduling – This is where Jobber excels. You can easily schedule one-off or recurring services with a simple wizard. Assign the job to team members and even decide how you want to handle invoicing.  The route optimization feature uses a sophisticated algorithm to generate the most efficient master route for all the properties you service.  Map view routing allows you to visually route each day’s work.Automatic GPS Tracking – GPS tracking allows you to keep up with your team.  Every time they clock in, edit a job, or create an invoice, their exact GPS location is tracked.

Accounting features –  Automates invoicing, provides system for e-payments along with invoicing, integrates with Stripe for payment processing, and syncs with Quickbooks or Xero.

CRM features – Limited CRM features.  Contains useful functions such as chemical tracking and quoting on the go.  Maintains client history but no record of customer satisfaction or problems encountered on the job.

The Round-Up.  Good for scheduling, tracking, and route optimization.   Has very limited accounting functions but Syncs with Quickbooks or Xero.  Very limited CRM features but does provide chemical tracking and client history.

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Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot is a service client management software for lawn service and other service businesses.  It is desktop and mobile driven. Service Autopilot starts with a basic package and you add on the options you need to manage your business.  It won’t replace your accounting software, but it will help you manage the day-to-day activities of your business.

Scheduling and Dispatching – Choose from one of 3 options to dispatch your crews each day. Each crew member gets their schedule, to do lists, and any job notes or pictures delivered straight to their mobile devices.  Your time is scheduled each day as well. A schedule of to do’s and phone calls are automatically sent to your mobile device.

Lead Management – This is Service Autopilot’s strong point. Lead management is essential to growing a profitable lawn care service business and Service Autopilot has the tools you need.  Quote request forms are integrated with your website to capture prospects the instant they show interest.  The On-line Measurement Tool allows you to quote some properties without a visit. The tool automatically measures building footprint, turf, gross lot square footage and provides an estimated revenue potential. You can E-mail estimates and automate follow-up to convert leads to customers.

Accounting – Integrated portal so clients can pay directly at your website is available for an extra charge.  Prepares invoices and tracks payments, prepayments, and expenses.  The basic package syncs with Quickbooks for an additional monthly fee. 

CRM features – Autopilot is strong on lead management and not so strong on customer relationship management.  Fortunately, it integrates with Quality Driven Software for robust client relationship management features.

The Round-Up. Good basic software for managing lawn service business.  Add-on services let you scale as your company grows. Excellent lead management features provide the tools you need to grow.  Schedule your day as well as your crew routes with one software. Integrates with CRM software to uncover your company’s blindspots.

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Quality Driven Software

Unlike the other client management software, Quality Driven Software isn’t about scheduling or job costing. It is about truly managing your customer relations and monitoring service-quality. It gives you customer satisfaction data in one spot.  This data is crucial to keeping existing customers happy, managing quality, and accurately reviewing employee performance. 

Real Time Reporting – Track customer satisfaction and employee performance in real time. Identify trends early.

Track Service Quality – Client Watch List monitors unhappy customers. Negative feedback and low quality scores on surveys are instantly communicated. You will know right away and can spot employee interaction issues.

Customizable Reporting – Fully customizable complaint tags allow you to target possible problem areas. Filter your scores by employee, date, rating or client. Drill down on the data you need.

The Round-Up. This is client management software was developed by the owners of a service-based business.  No matter what software you use for scheduling, costing, or accounting, you need Quality Driven Software to manage your customer relations and ensure client satisfaction.

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