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Our development team (Vlad, Martha, and myself) have heard your requests and have rolled out several new changes to Quality Driven Software! We’re pretty thrilled with the results and hope you will find them just as helpful as we already have. Thanks to those who contributed by asking for the following enhancements:


When you log into the app, you’ll quickly notice a Success Guide on the bottom left of the menu. Click the guide to make sure you’ve set up all the advanced features in Quality Driven to get the most from the app.


Merge Fields

We’ve simplified the process of building new survey templates by providing intuitive, easy to use merge fields with a simple drop down option.

Custom Landing Pages

You can now flawlessly create custom landing pages that include your customer’s name, your logo, and links to your Yelp, Google, Facebook, or Angie’s List company page. Setup your company’s social ids in the app Settings section.  You can also do cool stuff like add an image or a video to your landing page for a super personalized customer experience!

Template Examples

Bonus! We’ve also given you example templates to choose from with different styles of writing.   We know you’re busy, so we’re trying to make the software as “turn-key” as possible.

Notification Alerts

Want to be in the know 100% of the time? You can set up notification emails to be sent to you when  ANY new survey comes in, not just the bad ones. We think it’s a neat way for you to be kept informed of what is going on in your company without having to log into the app.  You can add notification emails in the alerts tab of your survey template(s).


Most reports now include a YTD option for the date range. We added a Company Report, which has the same information as the General Report but does not include a survey list so you can use the YTD option.


Embedding reviews on your site is easier than ever! We’ve added options to easily customize what information appears on your site. You can hide the summary, hide the review list, limit the number of reviews, and more. And we’ve switched from showing your overall score to showing a Customer Satisfaction percentage, which is the percent of total positive surveys your company received. Check out the Reviews section of the app.

Give it a try!

If you have not yet checked out this amazing app (if I do say so myself), or if you’ve been toying with switching from your current surveying tool, now is the perfect time to sign up! Click Here. We would love to be a part of your company’s success story!