5 Best Ways to Reward Employees for Doing a Great Job

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Most companies want their employees to work to the best of their ability. They want their employees to care about their business.  While money is the reason most of us work and benefits are important, they are not the motivational force that makes an employee want to go the extra mile in their job.

What motivates an employee to perform their best at their job? While there are some employees who are intrinsically motivated to do a job to the best of their ability simply for the personal satisfaction of it, that is not most employees. If you want your employees to care about your business, you need to first care about them and show it.

There are essentially four types of rewards a company can give an employee: financial compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation.  Financial compensation and benefits are the initial motivators for an employee to take a job with the company after they have decided that the company’s culture is one they can thrive in.  However, the rewards that motivate employees throughout their job are the recognition and appreciation they receive. According to Accenture and the Department of Labor, the number one reason people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition. 

When an employee goes out of their way to come up with an innovative idea that can save the company money or land a big client that should be rewarded right away with some type of recognition. Organizations need to use a variety of techniques to recognize excellent performance.

Say thank you to the employee for their good work.

A phone call, personal conversation or handwritten note goes a long way to letting people know their work is noticed and appreciated by the boss. Our friends over at Business Insider has selected 22 awesome gifts for your employees, we like all of them!

Make the employee part of a special task force.

Everyone wants to be part of a team that has a specific purpose. Put a kid on a little league baseball team and he will run faster and work harder than if you give him a ball and a bat and tell him to go out in the backyard and practice his swing.

Reward genuine input by taking it seriously.

Every employee has ideas, and one of the differences between employees who care and employees who do not is whether they are allowed to share their ideas and whether their ideas are taken seriously. Employees who provide input clearly care about the company because they want to make it better. Even if an idea isn’t feasible, always take the time to explain why–which often leads to the employee coming up with an even better idea. Make sure that input is valued and they will care even more because now it’s not your company–it’s our company.

Lavish employees with public praise.

Find reasons to recognize employees who go above the average in their performance and praise them in front of their peers and department at the next department meeting. It motivates them to try harder so they experience that feeling of pride again and it motivates others in the department to step up their game so they, too, can be recognized.

Peer recognition.

Another way to acknowledge the special effort put forth by an employee is to ask their peers and/or managers to nominate an employee every quarter by writing up a short summary of what that employee did that was so outstanding. The Office Manager or Division Head can select two employees per quarter from those nominated who would each receive a “company coupon” for a special parking space close to the building for 1 month, or to wear casual clothes for 1 week, or to eat lunch with the boss, or some other non-monetary incentive.

Many businesses use techniques and methods to analyze the work performance of their employees to try to identify areas within the company where they excel and areas where they require improvement. By analyzing an employee’s work performance, a company can help their employees to increase their productivity, improve customer service and thus improve the company’s bottom line.

Companies need quality objective data about employee’s work performance in order for employers to recognize those employees that are going the extra mile in their job and reward them appropriately.

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