Jonathan Pototschnick, of Service Autopilot and Lawn Care Millionaire, will be talking about how he was able to create a multi-million dollar lawn care business that has dominated the Dallas market. Even if you aren’t in lawn care, we are all in the service industry and have the same struggles with employees and standing apart in a price competitive industry.

Kathy & George Gagerecently retired from Marvelous Maids, will be speaking about their version of the Dream Manager program. They were successful in creating a culture of engagement and loyalty within their company based on helping their staff achieve their goals.

Debbie Sardone, of Buckets and Bows, Cleaing for a Reason, and The Maid Coach. Debbie is a leading expert in the cleaning industry. She started her business out of the trunk of her car and grew it to one of the largest maid services in the country. She will discuss how she built a respected brand in an under valued market.

Mike Callahan, of Callahan’s Lawn Care and Property Maintenance, will be speaking on the subject of automations and how to automate not only your sales process, but internal processes as well. He will also be speaking on panels about the subject of KPI tracking, marketing to applicants, and more.

Martha Woodward, of Quality Driven Software and Dusting Divas, will be on the panel discussing employee recruitment, onboarding, and quality programs and tracking.

 Matt Ricketts, of Better Life Maids, will be diving into the subject of Facebook advertising. Matt has been very, very successful with FB marketing and will share his secrets of how to create successful ads. He will also be speaking about how to get more qualified applicants, his training processes, and several more topics.

Maria Dorian, of Quality Driven Software, will be sharing her experience on preparing your business for sale, long before you intend to sell. Maria will also be part of the panel discussions regarding employee management and quality programs.

Amar Ghose, of ZenMaid, will be presenting two topics.  On Thursday, he will be covering “The tasks you should never do without automating”.  Amar will also have a session in which he covers “Goal setting and the process of follow up and accountability in order to meet those goals”. 

Tom Gillespie, of Complete Lawn Care, will be presenting on numerous panels on the topics of employee management and operations. Tom will be opening his office for an onsite visit for the lawn care industry.