Jonathan Pototschnick – Co-founder of Service Autopilot and founder of CitiTurf, the largest independently owned lawn care business in the Dallas metropolis. Jonathan has set up systems so his lawn care business, CitiTurf, can continue running independently of him, but still generate millions of dollars of revenue.

Mike Callahan – Owner of Callahan’s Lawn Service and the Founder of SimpleGrowth, Mike helps people automate everything in their business from sales to employee management. Mike is an expert in creating processes so that your service business runs like a “well oiled machine”

Liz Trotter – Liz is the founder and CEO of American Maid Cleaning, as well as an entrepreneur and leadership trainer based in Olympia, Washington. She is proud to be a former ARCSI board member and a charter member of Cleaning For A Reason.  Liz is an active partner in four Castle Keepers branches and spends much of her time creating systems for this new platform company.

As co-creator of the IICRC House Cleaning Technician test as well as the HiPEP employee engagement system, Liz continues to focus on building up our most valuable resource-those who clean for a living.

 Matt Ricketts – Interesting enough, Matt was a commercial pilot in his previous career. His wife actually started cleaning houses on her own and then together they’ve built the largest independently owned maid service business in St Louis. Matt is an expert in the field of marketing, finance, and building internal company processes.

Joshua Latimer – Joshua is the founder of the Quick Talk Podcast, The Growth Vault, and CEO of Send Jim. Joshua owned a window cleaning business doing over $150,000/mo before he sold out to a national company then moved to Costa Rica. He’ll be inspiring you to build trust with your clients to increase referrals and reviews.

 Laura Smith – Laura is truly an inspiration!  She is wildly successful in her own business and has been described as “brilliant” more times than I can count by her industry peers!

Laura runs a maid service in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Her current run rate is 1.8 million, with a crew of 38 field staff (16 teams) and 3 office staff.  She excels at money management, automation, and steering with numbers.  Her skills have allowed her to not only be profitable (she is a world traveler and goes overseas at minimum 6 times a year!), but also to run her company without her there 24/7.  On her free time, she also helps other business owners achieve their dreams by offering automations help through her favorite CRM, InfusionSoft.  This gal knows her stuff and we look forward to having her present on her favorite topic, money management through the Profit First program.

Derek Christian –  Derek is a wealth of knowledge on all things concerning the maid service world!  He is the past owner and founder of My Maid Service in Ohio and currently owns, manages, and or co owns several maid and service based business throughout the country, including Handyman Connection.  Because of his vast experience in the buying and selling of businesses process, he will be sharing the ins and outs of how to prepare and market for selling your business.

Garrett Matthews – Garrett is the owner of Matthew’ Landscape in Shreveport, LA.  His lawn care business started when he was 18 years old, working as a firefighter.  On his days off, he would mow lawns for extra money.  He eventually left firefighting to focus full time on his lawn care service which would allow more time with his family.

Garret is “killing it” with Facebook marketing.  “I’ve learned through the years that non of us have a problem that simplicity and marketing can’t fix.”  He always has 3-5 ads running a week, plus daily posts.  Garret’s other passions include culture building and finances, specifically budgeting via the “Profit First” method.  Garrett will be speaking on marketing (specfically FaceBook), and the Profit First method.

Sherry Weavers – Sherry owns Three Little Birds Cleaning in Hamilton, Ontario. In six years of business, Sherry has grown at a rapid rate and is expected to hit a million in sales early next year, with at least 40 staff. That is a huge accomplishment!

Sherry started her (all natural) cleaning company after a scary diagnosis of cancer. Her story will be published in “Invisible Heroes-The Inspirational Stories of 23 Women (And 1 Man) Who Clean Our World”, in fact! Sherry has always been forward thinking and free sharing to cleaning business owners who need advice or help in certain areas. Our conference is fortunate to have Sherry sharing her best techniques for field staff and how to use incentive programs to drive results.

Rohan Gilkes – There’s so much to love about Rohan!  He is a serial entrepreneur who founded several companies including Launch27, Maids In Black, Wet Shave Club, Inclusive, and Groovejar.  He is a thought leader in the areas of customer acquisition and growth. Rohan has been featured in the Washington Post, Mixergy, The Foundation, and in 2011 he was honored with the Community Award in Startup Leadership by the city of Fairfax, Virginia. He has developed and presented business case studies for Catholic University and Northwestern University’s MBA program, is a regular speaker at startup conferences, and a member of the Young Entrepreneur’s Council.  One of our favorite things about Rohan is his willingness to help and support other business owners!

Curt Kempton – Previous owner of a huge window cleaning business in Phoenix, AZ. Curt ran his company culture around client satisfaction and survey results. He made that his USP (Unique Selling Point) in his marketing to not only clients, but also employees.

He’ll be speaking about his Pay for Performance system and his view on company culture.

Fun fact: Curt sold his window cleaning business and is now the owner of Responsibid!