Jonathan Pototschnick – Co-founder of Service Autopilot and founder of CitiTurf, the largest independently owned lawn care business in the Dallas metropolis. Jonathan has set up systems so his lawn care business, CitiTurf, can continue running independently of him, but still generate millions of dollars of revenue.

Chris Schwab – Owner of Think Maids and the founder of Inovalocal, Chris helps business owners with all things system related.  He is known as a “Digital Nomad” which means that he has to have his systems in place since he is not present at his location to put out fires as they arise.

  Jason Cupp – Bio coming soon

Michael Goeller – Bio coming soon

     Toni Taylor–  Bio coming soon

 Laura Smith – Laura is truly an inspiration!  She is wildly successful in her own business and has been described as “brilliant” more times than I can count by her industry peers!

Laura runs a maid service in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Her current run rate is 1.8 million, with a crew of 38 field staff (16 teams) and 3 office staff.  She excels at money management, automation, and steering with numbers.  Her skills have allowed her to not only be profitable (she is a world traveler and goes overseas at minimum 6 times a year!), but also to run her company without her there 24/7.  On her free time, she also helps other business owners achieve their dreams by offering automations help through her favorite CRM, InfusionSoft.  This gal knows her stuff and we look forward to having her present on her favorite topic, money management through the Profit First program.

Brian Stearman–  Bio coming soon

Trevor Burwell – Bio coming soon

Brian Stearman – Bio coming soon


  Martha Woodward – Bio coming soon

Curt Kempton – Previous owner of a huge window cleaning business in Phoenix, AZ. Curt ran his company culture around client satisfaction and survey results. He made that his USP (Unique Selling Point) in his marketing to not only clients, but also employees.

He’ll be speaking about his Pay for Performance system and his view on company culture.

Fun fact: Curt sold his window cleaning business and is now the owner of Responsibid!