Three Ways to Maintain Employee Quality

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Quality is the key to repeat business and referrals in the cleaning industry. It is the bedrock of your brand’s image. Every maid service company aims for quality; but how do you know if you hit the mark? Training, tracking performance, and quick action are what differentiate good companies from great companies. If mediocre isn’t good enough; use these methods to maintain quality standards:

Employee Training

A good employee starts with good hiring. Look for applicants that are enthusiastic about their work and have the heart to serve others. Take a page from Southwest Airlines and hire for attitude and train for skill. Once you’ve made the hire, provide comprehensive training including performance standards and culture.

1. Tailor the training to the individual. People have different learning styles. While one person can read a cleaning protocol and get a complete understanding of the procedure another person may need to hear it orally and everyone benefits from an actual demonstration. If you utilize group training sessions, make sure to incorporate all three strategies for the most impactful training.

2.  Set and communicate clear standards. Employees can’t be expected to meet standards of performance if they don’t know the standards. Include company philosophy and culture as part of your training as well. If “just good enough” isn’t good enough at your company, explain why. People want to be part of something great.

3.  Incorporate role playing in your training. Everyone eventually encounters a difficult customer and a hard to handle the situation . Even the nicest customer can have a bad day. Make sure your employees know how to handle difficult situations before they arise. Use fellow employees to assist in role-playing difficult situations.  Give your employees real examples of situations and or customer conflicts that have happened in the past.

4.  Use real-life training situations. Nothing beats on-the-job training. It allows new hires to see how seasoned pros operate at your company. Pair new hires with your best employees to inoculate them with best practices. Avoid letting customers know you are using their home as a training ground.

Survey Customer Satisfaction Continuously

Customer satisfaction surveys are like a thermostat for your business. Set a thermostat to a certain temperature (the quality standard), and the thermostat goes to work measuring the temperature (the surveys) and then operating the HVAC system to maintain the set temperature (corrections to maintain standard). In other words, the thermostat measures against a standard and acts to correct deviations from the standard. A well-crafted survey lets you know when service falls below standard so you can take quick action.

1. Survey on staff. These questions gauge how well your employees represent your company. Did they arrive on schedule? Were they in uniform? Were they friendly and professional?

2.  Survey on the quality of service. Here you want to find out if your services met or exceeded the customer’s expectations. You can survey on specific services or specific areas in your business. For example; Customer service and overall value.

3.  Survey on experience. For new customers, this is crucial. This is where you measure front-office performance. Did they find it easy to make an appointment? Were all their questions answered? If they called, was the customer service representative knowledgeable about different packages and promotions? Was the billing and payment process explained? Did they use the website? Was it easy to use?
The most telling question on any survey is “Would you recommend our service to friends or family?” In other words, are they pleased enough to stake their personal reputation on your ability to deliver?

Use Quality Driven Software to Maintain Quality Standards

Customer satisfaction surveys collect data, but to maintain standards you need it in an actionable form. You need software that can compile data from surveys, and reviews present it in a dashboard that empowers you to act quickly. Use Quality Driven Software to maintain quality standards!

The bigggest benefits of using an outstanding product like Quality Driven include:

1. Instant Alerts. When there’s a problem, you need to act quickly. Quality Driven Software alerts you when you receive a low score or negative feedback. This gives you the ability to convert a problem situation into a life-long customer.

2. “No news is good news” is simply not a great way to conduct a business!  Quality Driven will provide you with a list list of unhappy customers, according to their satisfaction rating.

3.  Which of your employee’s are a customer favorite? Which are your personal favorites but disliked by your customers? Do you know?  One of the coolest features of Quality Driven is that it ties the satisfaction score to the staff member that did the work.  This allows you to track trends in employee performance. Numbers don’t lie. You’ll know who your top and bottom ranking employees are.

4.  Reward consistent, outstanding performers and recognize areas for improvement. Employees can log in and see how they are doing and how their scores rank with other employees.

A program like this is absolutely invaluable to your business! Give us a try today. We would love to be a part of your company’s success story! Click Here