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Are you an entrepreneur trying to grow your lawn care business?  Do you need a way to securely and effortlessly track your clients? Do you find yourself having to manage customer expectations and employee performance, while at the same time trying your best to build a successful home service  business?

Did you know that you can benefit enormously by incorporating technology into your business? As a lawn care service provider, it is essential that your clients are satisfied with your service, and that all service calls are completed on schedule. In addition, you want to ensure that you fully understand your employees’ productivity.

Tracking Clients

Quality Driven Software is designed from the ground up to help you—the business owner—concentrate on the more important aspects of growing your business. Our lawn care service and client management software gives you the ability to keep track of clients, schedules, and enhance the productivity levels of your employees.

In this article, you will find out how Quality Driven Software can help new business owners minimize their administrative backend, as well as the unique features of our software.

Who are the people behind Quality Driven Software?

Quality Driven Software was designed and developed by entrepreneurs just like you. Maria Dorian and Martha Woodward formally ran and operated maid services in their home states, so they understand the tremendous importance of maintaining maximum customer satisfaction.

Nonetheless, Maria and Martha ran into roadblocks when attempting to keep track of their customers and their satisfaction levels. Martha tried the old method of keeping score by hand. This procedure quickly became overly tedious and she began looking for a more convenient and productive alternative.

Maria faced a difficult but equally frustrating problem. She felt uneasy requesting such information from her clients. Initially, she believed it would be best to follow the concept that no news was good news. However, that quickly led to problems and Maria’s customer base started to shrink.

In order to address these issues, Maria and Martha decided to work together to develop a software that would solve this problem.
Introducing Quality Driven Software.

Through a collaborative effort, Maria and Martha worked relentlessly to create a comprehensive and convenient customer satisfaction software — Quality Driven Software.

This software is based on a simple concept — to keep track of clients and their satisfaction levels, while simultaneously tracking a client’s data in an actionable manner. The product proved to be so successful and effective that both founders decided to make it available to other service-based companies.

The plan was simple – to provide business owners with the benefits of the software. With greater revenue, substantially better reviews and enhanced customer retention, Quality Driven Software quickly became a hit with business owners and lawn care service providers.
Features of Quality Driven Software

Quality Driven Software is designed to promote better customer satisfaction by allowing business owners to identify and rectify problems fluidly. It offers several notable features which puts the business owner in control of their company and their clients’ satisfaction.

Here are 6 of the most notable features of Quality Driven Software.

1. Quality Driven Software Encourages Feedback

Getting your customers to provide you with feedback can be tricky and time consuming. You don’t want to force their hand, but you also need their feedback to improve your service. This is where Quality Driven Software proves to be enormously helpful.
Our employee performance tracker is capable of encouraging your clients to answer survey questions. It can prompt your previous clients to leave reviews of your company through various platforms including Yellow pages, Facebook, Yelp, and Google Plus. With this business management software, you can greatly increase the number of online reviews of your website while optimizing your service standards simultaneously.

2. Create Your Own Surveys

As a business owner responsible for perfecting your client’s lawn, you will have a ton of responsibilities and employees to manage. That being said, every single feedback counts.

Quality Driven Software is versatile and allows you to create your own surveys for whichever service-based business you operate. Outside of lawn care, many of our users include maid services, salons, vets, and electrical companies.

With Quality Driven Software, you can create and fine-tune relevant questions for your clients that will help you optimize your business.
For example, you can ask the following:

Did the employee arrive on time?

Is the client satisfied with the lawn trimming?

Is the client happy with the way the lawn looked after your employee left?

Asking the appropriate questions allows you to address the real problems that your business faces. By using our software and gaining access to this information, you can increase your customers’ satisfaction by tweaking and perfecting the service you deliver. For even more relevant feedback, you can add employee names and pictures to your surveys for a personal touch.

3. Track Employees and Their Performance

If your lawn care business hires several employees, then you will love Quality Driven Software’s employee performing tracking capabilities. Our software provides you with a great deal of information about your staff by letting you maintain and manage employee records and contact information. You can also determine precisely where your employees were at any given time. You can also track which employees served which clients, and on what date.

Each customer’s feedback will be directly linked to the employee who served them. If a single employee has received several negative complaints, you will know about it immediately. Why is this important? By understanding how your employees are performing, you can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the long-term image of your lawn care business is not negatively affected.
Quality Driven Software is a powerful tool, and is only limited by your imagination. With our software, you control your service standards the way you see fit.

4. Manage Client Information

While employee performance tracking can be beneficial, it is also equally important to keep track of your clients. As a lawn care service provider, you need to know how your clients feel about your company’s service.

Quality Driven Software lets you maintain records for your clients. You can store their contact details such as names, email addresses and phone numbers. You can also keep track of each client’s review for your lawn care business.

This information lets you tackle problems head on. When a client leaves a negative comment, you can use Quality Driven Software to retrieve their information and contact them directly. This gives you a better chance of solving a problem early and encouraging clients to change their mind about your business.

More importantly, your behavior will encourage the client to stick around and continue using your services. By following up with a client’s feedback, you are showing that you value them as a customer.

5. Retain Customers With the Client Watch List

Despite going above and beyond to satisfy your clients’ needs, there may very well come a time when someone is unimpressed with their lawn. Normally, you would know nothing about this and that client would simply move on to another lawn service provider.

With Quality Driven Software, you can identify clients who are on the verge of finding a new lawn care service provider. By accessing the Client Watchlist page, you can view a list of clients who have submitted low scores. These low scores indicate that you are on the verge of losing a client.

How is this useful? Knowing this information lets you fix the problem immediately, and ensure that they are no longer repeated. At the same time, you can easily reach out to the client and try to work out the problem with them directly. With a little luck, this individual might continue using your company for their lawn service needs.

6. Simple Integration With Scheduling Tools: Service Autopilot

By keeping track of customer reviews, comments and answers to survey questions, you can improve your employee service standards. Think of it this way: customer reviews are a wealth of information that can be applied to your operational processes. You can improve on your response to customer complaints, process orders and much more.

With Quality Driven Software, you have the option of integrating client and employee performance tracking with various scheduling tools.

Service Autopilot is one of the most notable lawn care scheduling programs on the market, and includes employee performance tracking. Quality Driven software integrates easily with Service Autopilot so you can manage your schedules more effectively, while also managing your customer reviews. By combining these two powerful applications together, you have access to the most effective business management software at your fingertips.

In addition, Quality Driven Software also integrates with other scheduling tools like ZenMaid and MaidEasy effortlessly. These three scheduling programs already have the best features of Quality Driven Software baked into their software.

Service Autopilot’s Scheduling Functions
Owning and operating a lawn care service can be difficult, especially when it comes to managing customer schedules. The only way to ensure you do not come up short is to utilize Service Autopilot as part of your operational process.

Service Autopilot is designed to provide lawn care service providers with the tools needed to succeed in every aspect. This software is capable of handling a variety of tasks:

Manage schedules for both one-time and recurring jobs
Manage To-Do lists
Monitor and manage customer call-tracking logs
Email an estimate to a client
Manage business expenses
Manage marketing campaigns
Manage and distribute billing invoices
Track your fleet with GPS
Collect customer signatures with each completed order

In addition, Service Autopilot is available as a cloud and mobile app. This lets you use the software in your web browser regardless of which operating system you have.

Service Autopilot will help you manage your lawn care business operations with ease. For a tour of Service Autopilot and a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

As a lawn care service provider, you have to experience firsthand for yourself how Quality Driven Software can ignite your business. Don’t just dream of simplifying your life, take control today and see how you can increase your customer satisfaction rates with this dynamic employee performance tracking tool.  Click Here to get started! We would love to be a part of your company’s success story!