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Let’s talk landing pages!

When someone rates your service (either good or bad), they are directed to a landing page. If you do not set up this landing page, they will receive a message that simply says: “Thank you your feedback.” That’s a bit boring!

Did you know that we can set up landing pages for you, as part of your QDS subscription? Our landing pages allow you to do cool stuff like add your company logo, insert a personalized thank you video message, add a coupon, and even direct happy customers to leave a review on your Yelp, Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor pages. You could even choose to call the customer by their first name for a nice, personal touch! (Want this done? Send me a support ticket and I’ll do the rest, free of charge!)

Want a super pimped out page that matches your brand? All you would need to do is have your graphic / web designer create you a custom landing page and insert the URL into the “Post Survey Message URL”. With these pages, you can do all of the above but have your backgrounds and buttons match the color and themes of your website. Really – it’s all up to your imagination at that point!

Here is an example of one of our internal customized landing pages for Quality Driven: