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Want to track complaints, lost keys, and other employee issues? Here’s a pro user tip:

Besides sending surveys to your clients, etc., you can use Quality Driven Software to track internal issues if you choose to.

Step 1: Create a new survey template called Internal Survey (or whatever you want to call it). You don’t have to worry about all your wording, because this would be a survey template you use internally and never send to clients.

Step 2: You can use service areas (complaint areas) such as breakage, late, lost keys, didn’t turn in paperwork, etc.

Step 3: Each time an employee breaks something, you can track it by going into Send a Survey>Create Individual Survey and enter the job details, choose QA or other, and under service areas mark the deficit item such as breakage. You can add notes in the QA notes section.

This is a nice way to track the amount of breakage company wide, employee specific, etc. The results won’t push to your website because it wasn’t a sent survey.

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