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Welcome To Quality Driven Software!

Welcome to Quality Driven Software’s blog page!  If you are in need of customer satisfaction and employee performance articles, you’ve reached the right spot. Thank you for checking us out!

Our goal for these topics is to be educational and informative.  You’ll find educational topics on how to improve your company’s quality ratings, ideas and suggestions as to best practices for creating incentives and bonus programs for your staff, to feature releases and announcements regarding Quality Driven Software.

Not sure what Quality Driven Software is?  Here’s more information https://QualityDrivenSoftware.com but in a nut shell:

1.  As long as your customer replies to the survey (and you can resend any unanswered surveys with the click of a button), you will know if any customer was left unsatisfied and the reason.

2.  If anyone was unsatisfied, you guys get to set up all the aspects of your business that may be pain points and our software will track those areas. For example: Deliver time, deliver cost, customer service, product quality, etc.  In this way, you will be able to know any and all weak points in the business.

 3.  Because our software also ties the customer experience with the tech that handled the order or the customer, you will start to see who are your top and bottom performers.  Or, like in example #5, you’ll be able to see if one of your employees is consistently rating lower in one of the potential pain point areas.

4.  When a customer is unsatisfied with your service, you’ll quickly be alerted so that customer service issues can be handled immediately.  That right there is the core of customer satisfaction: Fast recovery time!

5.  Company trends: Sometimes, when everything in the business is “as it should be” it’s great to have verification by seeing positive comments from happy customers.  Furthermore, for the staff members who care about their own job performance on a personal level, they will also be able to log in and see their customer satisfaction ratings. Again, I can’t describe the feeling of helping a customer than later that evening logging in to see that the same customer had wonderful things to say about their experience. I have personally experienced this and it’s actually extremely uplifting!

6.  Social Media: More on line reviews.  Once you know who was satisfied with their service, you will know who to ask for an online review. No more guessing !  Currently, when a customer is thrilled with their service, you will be able to direct them to your online social review sites and ask them to provide you with a review.

We hope to build a community of service industry business owners who care enough to stay current on trends, are interested in sharing ideas and tips on how best to accomplish quality goals, and want to know how to use Quality Driven Software to its full potential.