What’s New, Coming Soon, and Currently in Beta

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What’s New, Coming Soon, and Currently in Beta?


Quality Driven Software has been busy being the best in performance for all things customer satisfaction and employee performance.  Below are a few highlights of new features, things currently in beta, and features that are being released soon.  Thanks for reading our blog and we would love a chance to be the platform to help your business prevent issues in employee engagement, quality issues, and customer turnover.

1.  Functionality Improvements (Faster loading pages)

2.  Infrastructure Upgrades (We will now be able to integrate with other software providers!)

3.  New icons

4.  Additional notification options (Perfect for absentee owners!)

5.  New reporting filters

6.  Home Advisor and Angie’s List merge fields (You can now direct great reviews to these two platforms)

7.  No response report (Customers that have never responded to customer satisfaction surveys may be disengaged and or looking for your replacement.)