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First of all, get an edge over your competition by using an app that gives you the tools to quickly change weak issues in your company! 

Next, stay up to date on critical employee performance data and customer satisfaction trends!

And finally, a customer satisfaction software that doesn’t just track, it empowers!

Customer Feedback Survey & Employee Performance Software

Customer Satisfaction Software

Track Quality Issues

Super easy to use!

Track customer satisfaction trends and employee performance ratings…in real time! Even more importantly, our customer satisfaction software gives you the ability to tie survey quality scores to employee performance.  As a result, you’ll see incredible potential to be an outstanding performer in your service industry!

Quality issues are reported by both customer feedback (calls, emails, leave behinds, etc) in addition to your in-house quality inspector.

In conclusion, no other customer satisfaction survey software offers our level of reporting!

Discover Company Blindspots

Finally, a solution that not only allows you to quickly and intuitively set up and send surveys but also uncovers the weak links in your company!

“Service Area” reporting is fully customizable based on your particular industry.

Our “Client Watch” List report pinpoints which clients you’re in danger of losing.

…..And More!  

Customer Satisfaction Software
Customer Satisfaction Software

Get Instant Notifications

Receive instant alerts about low scores and negative survey feedback!


Customer Satisfaction Software

Track Quality Issues and Reduce Client Turnover

See Your Performance at a Glance

Get a clear picture of your entire company performance on a clean, visual dashboard. You can filter reports by score, client, rating, date, and employees.

Dashboard reports include the tracking of unhappy clients in a “client watch list” category, lack of responses, and top and bottom performing employees.

Understand Employee Productivity
Quality Driven Software gives you the tools you need for proactive and constructive employee reviews and training. Track your employee performance and understand your highest and lowest performers. In addition, you can even see which areas individual employees excel and struggle with.
Categorize High Risk Client Accounts

Gain insight into areas of client dissatisfaction and categorize them by score, feedback, and employee interactions.

Negative feedback and low-quality scores automatically alert key figures in your organization.

When you are in danger of losing a client, you will know before anyone else.

Our Lack of Response report pinpoints which clients aren’t responding to feedback requests. This is important as no service industry company ever wants to assume that “no news is good news.”

Customized Client Feedback
The client can choose to receive surveys via email or SMS (coming soon). They can opt out or decrease the frequency in which they receive the survey.

Trusted by service industries nationwide!

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  • Janitorial Service Janitorial Service
  • Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning
  • Home Health CareHome Health Care
  • Lawn CareLawn Care

“I am seriously in love with your software! After all of those years at Naturalcare creating spreadsheets to apply feedback to employees and transferring data into client files, this is seriously a game changer!”

  • Alex G.
  • Alex G.Freelancer/Copywriter

“Started officially using Quality Driven today. It’s so easy and will save us so much time and tracking by employee. I love it.”

  • Kris K.
  • Kris K.Natural Clean, Middleton, WI

“THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Thank you! Thank YOU! Smooch. Hugs. High Fives and Bum Pats.”

  • joanna-p-2
  • Joanna P.Signature Cleaning, Winnepeg, CAN

“One of my favorite things about Quality Driven (and there are many) is the way our employees check their scores. If there is a concern they come find me so we can discuss what happened. If they get a 5 star then they come find me to celebrate! The accountability for our employees is AWESOME!”

  • Stephanie L.
  • Stephanie L.Welcome Home Cleaning, Austin, TX

About Us

Quality Driven Software was developed by Martha Woodward and Maria Dorian. Martha owns a business in Oklahoma, and Maria ran a successful cleaning service in Texas, and recently sold the business.

While Martha knew the importance of surveying her client’s satisfaction scores, she found that tracking scores by hand and or spreadsheets were not only tedious and cumbersome but also time-consuming.

Maria, on the other hand, feared to request the data because she worried that her clients would be bothered by request for information and she feared to learn how they felt. However, she found that her thought process of “no news is good news” was losing her clients.  Together, they set out to develop software that solved both issues and delivered customer experience in a way that was immediately actionable.  They loved the final product so much that they made it available to multiple service based companies.

Real reviews on website
Employee performance software
Quality Driven Software is a customer satisfaction tool that helps other business owners in all service based businesses experience the benefits that they’ve had through the use of the software: More profit, better online reviews, and improved retention rates.

Getting Started is Free and Easy

Let Quality Driven Software help you with your in-house-Customer Service Recovery program!  We can provide you with reporting that allows you to effortlessly confront problems proactively, rather than reacting after a client stops service.

Want to see Quality Driven in action? Send me a Sample Survey!