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What’s New, Coming Soon, and Currently in Beta?


Quality Driven Software has been busy being the best in performance for all things customer satisfaction and employee performance.  Below are a few highlights of new features, things currently in beta, and features that are being released soon.  Thanks for reading our blog and we would love a chance to be the platform to help your business prevent issues in employee engagement, quality issues, and customer turnover.

1.  Functionality Improvements (Faster loading pages)

2.  Infrastructure Upgrades (We will now be able to integrate with other software providers!)

3.  New icons

4.  Additional notification options (Perfect for absentee owners!)

5.  New reporting filters

6.  Home Advisor and Angie’s List merge fields (You can now direct great reviews to these two platforms)

7.  No response report (Customers that have never responded to customer satisfaction surveys may be disengaged and or looking for your replacement.)


Let’s talk landing pages!

When someone rates your service (either good or bad), they are directed to a landing page. If you do not set up this landing page, they will receive a message that simply says: “Thank you your feedback.” That’s a bit boring!

Did you know that we can set up landing pages for you, as part of your QDS subscription? Our landing pages allow you to do cool stuff like add your company logo, insert a personalized thank you video message, add a coupon, and even direct happy customers to leave a review on your Yelp, Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor pages. You could even choose to call the customer by their first name for a nice, personal touch! (Want this done? Send me a support ticket and I’ll do the rest, free of charge!)

Want a super pimped out page that matches your brand? All you would need to do is have your graphic / web designer create you a custom landing page and insert the URL into the “Post Survey Message URL”. With these pages, you can do all of the above but have your backgrounds and buttons match the color and themes of your website. Really – it’s all up to your imagination at that point!

Here is an example of one of our internal customized landing pages for Quality Driven:

You can create a whole new template with different wording for resending surveys that have already been sent?
For example, the new template could say something like, “DId you receive our previous email asking for feedback? We would love to know how we did on our last visit to your home!”
If you haven’t yet tried Quality Driven Software to help your business scale, maintain quality, and help figure out the weak areas in your business, try us out for free today!

Our employees crave feedback. They want to know their work matters. They want to know how they measure up against their peers. DId you know that QDS can make that happen?

Even if you don’t use QDS, share the phone calls and emails with your staff. I took a screenshot of a typical post we make in our staff group to just announce how proud we are of them. Yes, they can log in, but public recognition in the group and also at meetings goes a long way.

My suggested best practice as the owner is this: Go to the Reviews section and take a screenshot or cut and paste the feedback you want to share with the group. Post it, read it aloud…the more you love on them, the more they’ll love their job. The more they love their job, the more loyal they’ll be. And happier. And all that in turn will translate to your customers


Want to track complaints, lost keys, and other employee issues? Here’s a pro user tip:

Besides sending surveys to your clients, etc., you can use Quality Driven Software to track internal issues if you choose to.

Step 1: Create a new survey template called Internal Survey (or whatever you want to call it). You don’t have to worry about all your wording, because this would be a survey template you use internally and never send to clients.

Step 2: You can use service areas (complaint areas) such as breakage, late, lost keys, didn’t turn in paperwork, etc.

Step 3: Each time an employee breaks something, you can track it by going into Send a Survey>Create Individual Survey and enter the job details, choose QA or other, and under service areas mark the deficit item such as breakage. You can add notes in the QA notes section.

This is a nice way to track the amount of breakage company wide, employee specific, etc. The results won’t push to your website because it wasn’t a sent survey.

Need help growing your business, improving quality, and or decreasing  customer churn?  Sign up for a  free 14 day trial of Quality Driven Software. Click Here.


Did you know that you can add images and video to your landing pages? That means…drum roll please..if you would like to add a video of you personally thanking your customer for their business and or asking them for a Yelp or Google review on passing scores, you can do easily do it!

If you haven’t checked out the new merge fields on survey templates-do it-you can do all sorts of cool stuff!

14 Day-Full Use-Free Trial

Our development team (Vlad, Martha, and myself) have heard your requests and have rolled out several new changes to Quality Driven Software! We’re pretty thrilled with the results and hope you will find them just as helpful as we already have. Thanks to those who contributed by asking for the following enhancements:


When you log into the app, you’ll quickly notice a Success Guide on the bottom left of the menu. Click the guide to make sure you’ve set up all the advanced features in Quality Driven to get the most from the app.


Merge Fields

We’ve simplified the process of building new survey templates by providing intuitive, easy to use merge fields with a simple drop down option.

Custom Landing Pages

You can now flawlessly create custom landing pages that include your customer’s name, your logo, and links to your Yelp, Google, Facebook, or Angie’s List company page. Setup your company’s social ids in the app Settings section.  You can also do cool stuff like add an image or a video to your landing page for a super personalized customer experience!

Template Examples

Bonus! We’ve also given you example templates to choose from with different styles of writing.   We know you’re busy, so we’re trying to make the software as “turn-key” as possible.

Notification Alerts

Want to be in the know 100% of the time? You can set up notification emails to be sent to you when  ANY new survey comes in, not just the bad ones. We think it’s a neat way for you to be kept informed of what is going on in your company without having to log into the app.  You can add notification emails in the alerts tab of your survey template(s).


Most reports now include a YTD option for the date range. We added a Company Report, which has the same information as the General Report but does not include a survey list so you can use the YTD option.


Embedding reviews on your site is easier than ever! We’ve added options to easily customize what information appears on your site. You can hide the summary, hide the review list, limit the number of reviews, and more. And we’ve switched from showing your overall score to showing a Customer Satisfaction percentage, which is the percent of total positive surveys your company received. Check out the Reviews section of the app.


Give it a try!


If you have not yet checked out this amazing app (if I do say so myself), or if you’ve been toying with switching from your current surveying tool, now is the perfect time to sign up for a trial as we’ve got some pretty sweet deals right now that will expire once convention is over.  


Are you an entrepreneur trying to grow your lawn care business?  Do you need a way to securely and effortlessly track your clients? Do you find yourself having to manage customer expectations and employee performance, while at the same time trying your best to build a successful home service  business?

Did you know that you can benefit enormously by incorporating technology into your business? As a lawn care service provider, it is essential that your clients are satisfied with your service, and that all service calls are completed on schedule. In addition, you want to ensure that you fully understand your employees’ productivity.

Tracking Clients

Quality Driven Software is designed from the ground up to help you—the business owner—concentrate on the more important aspects of growing your business. Our lawn care service and client management software gives you the ability to keep track of clients, schedules, and enhance the productivity levels of your employees.

In this article, you will find out how Quality Driven Software can help new business owners minimize their administrative backend, as well as the unique features of our software.

Who are the people behind Quality Driven Software?

Quality Driven Software was designed and developed by entrepreneurs just like you. Maria Dorian and Martha Woodward formally ran and operated maid services in their home states, so they understand the tremendous importance of maintaining maximum customer satisfaction.

Nonetheless, Maria and Martha ran into roadblocks when attempting to keep track of their customers and their satisfaction levels. Martha tried the old method of keeping score by hand. This procedure quickly became overly tedious and she began looking for a more convenient and productive alternative.

Maria faced a difficult but equally frustrating problem. She felt uneasy requesting such information from her clients. Initially, she believed it would be best to follow the concept that no news was good news. However, that quickly led to problems and Maria’s customer base started to shrink.

In order to address these issues, Maria and Martha decided to work together to develop a software that would solve this problem.
Introducing Quality Driven Software.

Through a collaborative effort, Maria and Martha worked relentlessly to create a comprehensive and convenient customer satisfaction software — Quality Driven Software.

This software is based on a simple concept — to keep track of clients and their satisfaction levels, while simultaneously tracking a client’s data in an actionable manner. The product proved to be so successful and effective that both founders decided to make it available to other service-based companies.

The plan was simple – to provide business owners with the benefits of the software. With greater revenue, substantially better reviews and enhanced customer retention, Quality Driven Software quickly became a hit with business owners and lawn care service providers.
Features of Quality Driven Software

Quality Driven Software is designed to promote better customer satisfaction by allowing business owners to identify and rectify problems fluidly. It offers several notable features which puts the business owner in control of their company and their clients’ satisfaction.

Here are 6 of the most notable features of Quality Driven Software.

1. Quality Driven Software Encourages Feedback

Getting your customers to provide you with feedback can be tricky and time consuming. You don’t want to force their hand, but you also need their feedback to improve your service. This is where Quality Driven Software proves to be enormously helpful.
Our employee performance tracker is capable of encouraging your clients to answer survey questions. It can prompt your previous clients to leave reviews of your company through various platforms including Yellow pages, Facebook, Yelp, and Google Plus. With this business management software, you can greatly increase the number of online reviews of your website while optimizing your service standards simultaneously.

2. Create Your Own Surveys

As a business owner responsible for perfecting your client’s lawn, you will have a ton of responsibilities and employees to manage. That being said, every single feedback counts.

Quality Driven Software is versatile and allows you to create your own surveys for whichever service-based business you operate. Outside of lawn care, many of our users include maid services, salons, vets, and electrical companies.

With Quality Driven Software, you can create and fine-tune relevant questions for your clients that will help you optimize your business.
For example, you can ask the following:

Did the employee arrive on time?

Is the client satisfied with the lawn trimming?

Is the client happy with the way the lawn looked after your employee left?

Asking the appropriate questions allows you to address the real problems that your business faces. By using our software and gaining access to this information, you can increase your customers’ satisfaction by tweaking and perfecting the service you deliver. For even more relevant feedback, you can add employee names and pictures to your surveys for a personal touch.

3. Track Employees and Their Performance

If your lawn care business hires several employees, then you will love Quality Driven Software’s employee performing tracking capabilities. Our software provides you with a great deal of information about your staff by letting you maintain and manage employee records and contact information. You can also determine precisely where your employees were at any given time. You can also track which employees served which clients, and on what date.

Each customer’s feedback will be directly linked to the employee who served them. If a single employee has received several negative complaints, you will know about it immediately. Why is this important? By understanding how your employees are performing, you can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the long-term image of your lawn care business is not negatively affected.
Quality Driven Software is a powerful tool, and is only limited by your imagination. With our software, you control your service standards the way you see fit.

4. Manage Client Information

While employee performance tracking can be beneficial, it is also equally important to keep track of your clients. As a lawn care service provider, you need to know how your clients feel about your company’s service.

Quality Driven Software lets you maintain records for your clients. You can store their contact details such as names, email addresses and phone numbers. You can also keep track of each client’s review for your lawn care business.

This information lets you tackle problems head on. When a client leaves a negative comment, you can use Quality Driven Software to retrieve their information and contact them directly. This gives you a better chance of solving a problem early and encouraging clients to change their mind about your business.

More importantly, your behavior will encourage the client to stick around and continue using your services. By following up with a client’s feedback, you are showing that you value them as a customer.

5. Retain Customers With the Client Watch List

Despite going above and beyond to satisfy your clients’ needs, there may very well come a time when someone is unimpressed with their lawn. Normally, you would know nothing about this and that client would simply move on to another lawn service provider.

With Quality Driven Software, you can identify clients who are on the verge of finding a new lawn care service provider. By accessing the Client Watchlist page, you can view a list of clients who have submitted low scores. These low scores indicate that you are on the verge of losing a client.

How is this useful? Knowing this information lets you fix the problem immediately, and ensure that they are no longer repeated. At the same time, you can easily reach out to the client and try to work out the problem with them directly. With a little luck, this individual might continue using your company for their lawn service needs.

6. Simple Integration With Scheduling Tools: Service Autopilot

By keeping track of customer reviews, comments and answers to survey questions, you can improve your employee service standards. Think of it this way: customer reviews are a wealth of information that can be applied to your operational processes. You can improve on your response to customer complaints, process orders and much more.

With Quality Driven Software, you have the option of integrating client and employee performance tracking with various scheduling tools.

Service Autopilot is one of the most notable lawn care scheduling programs on the market, and includes employee performance tracking. Quality Driven software integrates easily with Service Autopilot so you can manage your schedules more effectively, while also managing your customer reviews. By combining these two powerful applications together, you have access to the most effective business management software at your fingertips.

In addition, Quality Driven Software also integrates with other scheduling tools like ZenMaid and MaidEasy effortlessly. These three scheduling programs already have the best features of Quality Driven Software baked into their software.

Service Autopilot’s Scheduling Functions
Owning and operating a lawn care service can be difficult, especially when it comes to managing customer schedules. The only way to ensure you do not come up short is to utilize Service Autopilot as part of your operational process.

Service Autopilot is designed to provide lawn care service providers with the tools needed to succeed in every aspect. This software is capable of handling a variety of tasks:

Manage schedules for both one-time and recurring jobs
Manage To-Do lists
Monitor and manage customer call-tracking logs
Email an estimate to a client
Manage business expenses
Manage marketing campaigns
Manage and distribute billing invoices
Track your fleet with GPS
Collect customer signatures with each completed order

In addition, Service Autopilot is available as a cloud and mobile app. This lets you use the software in your web browser regardless of which operating system you have.

Service Autopilot will help you manage your lawn care business operations with ease. For a tour of Service Autopilot and a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not convinced yet, try it for free.
As a lawn care service provider, you have to experience firsthand for yourself how Quality Driven Software can ignite your business. Don’t just dream of simplifying your life, take control today and see how you can increase your customer satisfaction rates with this dynamic employee performance tracking tool.

Quality Driven Software comes with a 14-day free trial. Get Started Today.

Ask any business owner in a service-based industry and they will tell you how important it is to keep your customers happy. Deliver a great service and you will transform your customer into a lifelong user. It also increases the likelihood of them spreading the good word about your company to their friends and family.

The question is, do you know how your customers feel? Are they satisfied with your current service standards? In this post, you will learn how to increase response rates from customer satisfaction feedback forms, and determine precisely how well your company is performing.

3 Proven Ways to Evaluate Customer Satisfaction

In the past, business owners had only two reliable ways to weigh their customers’ satisfaction. They could send out snail mail and wait for a customer to fill out a feedback form. Alternatively, the company could collect phone numbers, make a cold call and hope that the customer is willing to answer a survey over the phone.

While both options are still effective to some extent today, getting a customer to respond to a customer satisfaction survey via traditional means is more difficult than you can imagine. These days, using email and text messages is far quicker, cheaper and more reliable.

Even then, how do you make sense of the data that you collect via email or text? What is the appropriate response rates for customer satisfaction feedback questionnaires? Do you want to learn how to increase your response rates? Let’s take a look.

Look at Average Response Rates

By analyzing responses to surveys asking for feedback, you can quickly determine how well your company is performing and how happy your customers are. This is why you need to take steps to maximize your response rates. The average response rate varies for different businesses. A digital service company is far more likely to have a high response rate when compared to a retail store. This is the case because a digital company has customers who are more inclined to go online and fill out a survey.

Internally distributed surveys that you send to employees tend to fare higher than those sent out externally, in other words your customers. Generally external surveys tend to attract a 10-15% response rate compared to 30-40% for internal surveys.

However, it is worth noting that a well-designed survey sent out to responsive customers could attract a response rate as high as 85%. Likewise, a poorly executed survey with no incentive for the customer could fare as low as 2%.

By using some of the best survey softwares, you can increase your response rates for better feedback. We will discuss these 3 apps in further detail later in the article.

Send Out Reminders

It should come as no surprise that most people have incredibly busy schedules. They are likely to forget about something that isn’t a necessity. For example, forgetting about the survey that you sent to them last week. With this in mind, you should send out reminders regularly. This can be done through text messages, emails and even postcards for a personal touch. Just remember to avoid overdoing it. If you send out too many reminders, your messages may look like spam and your customers will not be happy.

Offer Incentives to Customers

Another thing to remember is that consumers are often not willing to exert extra effort unless they get something out of it. Why should someone complete a survey that will help your company? Instead of just sending a survey, try offering incentives to boost your response rates. Most customers are not picky and are happy to complete a short survey for something in return. To encourage customers to complete a feedback form, you could easily offer a coupon code, a free sticker, or even a free product or service upgrade.

Pro-tip: If you run a restaurant, try printing the website link to your survey on the receipt. Attach the receipt’s serial number to your survey form and offer a freebie (e.g. meal upgrade or free side order) the next time the customer visits your outlet!

The lesson here? Give the customer a reason to complete your survey and reward them for it. They are more likely to complete the survey immediately. Be sure to check out this infographic on how to make Customers Loyal for Life. 

3 Softwares That Will Ignite Your Customer Response Ratings


There are plenty of great software that can help you collect feedback from your customers. A lot of businesses rely on CustomerSure. This software is designed to help your company measure and improve your customer’s satisfaction by utilizing actionable data. It lets you send out automated surveys that attract a high response rate. Once feedback has been collected, you can analyze individual comments and compare aggregated scores.

CustomerSure can help you improve your team’s efficiency and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Quality Driven Software

Maintaining updated employee files can be time consuming, which is why many employers turn to employee performance software. Quality Driven software is built from the ground up to help you manage each employee file efficiently, with the ability to make alterations and input data in a matter of minutes. You can also share access with supervisors and department managers, so they too can document specific details about the employees whom they work with regularly.

In addition, Quality Driven Software offers realtime survey results and customer feedback tracking. The software’s user-friendly interface and high feedback response rate makes it a must-have for owners who need to gauge their customers’ current satisfaction levels. QDS is a great solution if you have a hard time making sense of your collected data.


Mycustomerfeedback is a unique product from Equiniti that allows employers to track customer responses and develop new workflow processes that follows each negative feedback. The interface is straightforward and simple to use. Any business owner can get started on tracking customer feedback and improving customer service.

Mycustomerfeedback lets you create a variety of feedback forms in various formats, including audio, email and image. It also offers automated case handling. This software’s workflow processing lets you enhance your team’s productivity immediately. In addition, the tool works with various plugins to make it customizable for specific industries.

Final Thoughts

Using customer feedback to improve your service standards is important if you want to grow your business. Nevertheless, attempting to elicit a response from your customers can be tricky and difficult. By using the right software for your business, offering incentives and sending frequent reminders, you can increase your customer satisfaction feedback response rate. In doing so, you can optimize your business and your employees’ performance for greater success.

Employee performance software is usually evaluated on its ability to help managers and supervisors perform evaluations. But, if you don’t see how employee performance software can be used to do more than compensate employees you are missing a large part of the picture. The right employee performance software can help attract and retain employees, support customer satisfaction, enhance communication and help you grow your service business. It’s a tool that rewards both employees and companies. Here’s how.

Compensation Equals Contribution

In a true free market system, compensation equals contribution. While the currently regulated U.S. labor market isn’t exactly what Adam Smith had in mind, his idea of an Invisible Hand still applies. When you establish a pay for performance culture in your company, you will attract and retain high performing employees. Top performers want to be compensated more than lesser performers and respond positively to this environment. The right employee performance software will support fair and objective evaluations based on predetermined criteria. When you reward performance based on achievement of goals, you get better performance. Achievers are happy to be rewarded fairly and non-achievers are not attracted to employment at the company. The employer benefits from improved performance, the employee is fairly rewarded for their contribution.

Happy paying customer

Improves Focus on Customer

In the service industry, customer satisfaction is critical to continued growth of the company. As a key performance indicator (KPI), it needs to be incorporated into employee performance evaluations and must be captured by your employee performance software. When employees are evaluated based on how a customer perceives their service, it continually aligns the employee’s focus with the company’s customer-centric philosophy.
This contributes to a better experience for the customer, which leads to repeat business and referral business. Both the employee and employer are rewarded.

Growth, Improvement, and Motivation

One of the greatest motivating forces is a desire for change. In a pay for performance culture, if compensation equals contribution, employees know that to receive more compensation (the change) they must contribute at higher levels (the motivation). Employee performance software can be used to capture current performance standards and show areas for improvement. Growing employees means challenging them. As employees rise, performance rises and compensation rises. As this happens, customers are served more effectively and efficiently, customer satisfaction increases and the company reaps the benefits.

Improved Communication

If customer satisfaction is a KPI, then employees should always know how they are performing. The software to perform evaluate employee performance and the software used to manage customer relationships should ideally be one package. If stand-alone systems are used, they should be integrated. When it comes time for the employee evaluation there should be no surprises. As customer satisfaction is be continually evaluated, employees are continually evaluated. Giving employees access to customer satisfaction data lets them know how they are performing in the eyes of the most important person, the customer. It’s important for positive and not-so-positive feedback to be shared. Positive feedback reinforces good performance and not-so-positive feedback communicates room for improvement and creates motivation.

Picking the Right Software

There are many employee performance software packages on the market. Just a few are appropriate for the service industry. Only one incorporates continuous customer feedback as an indicator of employee performance.

Quality Driven Software combines customer satisfaction, quality control and employee performance all in one powerful app. Use it to decrease client and employee turnover. One clean dashboard lets you see at a glance what customers are saying about their service and track employee performance. With automated workflows, employees can also see how they perform from the customer’s point of view. It integrates with other service-industry software such as Service Autopilot and Maid Easy Software to provide a total solution.

Want to learn more about Quality Driven Software? Take a free tour today.